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Millennials Hit Hardest by Coronavirus Recession
If you’re a millennial, you’re dealing with the second major economic crisis of your working life. If it seems like the deck is stacked against you, don’t lose hope! Get the details.
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What’s the Best Way to Use a Home Equity Loan?
A home equity loan lets you use the equity you’ve built in your home as a source of ready cash for a multitude of projects. Get in touch with us today to get started!
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8 Ways to Spot a Counterfeit Bill
Printers and software have gotten better, so counterfeit money has gotten harder to spot. We’ve got some simple ways to detect it along with what to if you find some!
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How Can I Protect Myself from Payment App Scams?
Payment apps like Venmo and CashApp make it easy to send and receive money, but scammers are using them to fleece victims. Find out how the scams work and how to stay safe!
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COVID-19 is Causing a Coin Shortage
Have you run into the coin shortage at your local shops? It’s a real problem, and it’s hurting small businesses. Find out what’s causing it and how you can help!
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Should I Take the Zero-Percent Financing Offered by the Dealer?
Does a zero interest loan for a new car sound like a great deal? Sure, you won’t be paying interest on your car, but you could be giving up other offers that would make better sense!
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Pay Yourself First
Paying yourself first, or prioritizing your savings, is the golden rule of personal finance. Do you care more about the financial wellness of your local coffee shop – or your own?
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All You Need To Know About Savings Certificates
Make your money work harder for you with a share certificate! It’s a safe, secure way to make your money earn a great rate of return in exchange for leaving it on deposit. Learn more!
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All You Need To Know About P2P Payment Systems
Do you use P2P systems? We’ve got all the facts about them, including when you’ll want to avoid using them!
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How Do I Fund An Emergency?
Got a money emergency? From personal loans and credit cards to 401(k) loans and borrowing from family, you’ve got options … but choose carefully!
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When A Savings Account Isn’t A Savings Account
A penny saved can pile up fast. Learn about the variety of savings accounts and how to use them!
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